Silence Is Not An Option

Silence Is Not An Option is the true story of Argentina Parra, St. Louis author's, decades-long fights for the safety and security of herself and her children through decades of domestic abuse, mental health obstacles, and legal threats.


Read Argentina's memoir of anxiety and depression, fighting against mental health issues, domestic violence, and immigration discrimination. She is an example for Latinx women everywhere.  


Against relentless barriers, she struggles for stability while she immigrates to a new country, learns a new language, starts a business, and pursues her education while raising a family—despite the efforts of men who want to take it all away from her.


Silence Is Not An Option is the #1 New Release on Amazon in the Dysfunctional Relationships category.  


“This intelligently and sensitively written memoir gives hope to anyone who has endured unusual and traumatic circumstances to heal and grow.”

—Sandra Knight, Counselor

“I enjoyed reading this story and think it will be helpful for other women to read as well. I believe it will touch others’ lives in an impactful way!”

—Brandy C., LCSW

“This book is a story of love, strength, and resiliency in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges. Ms. Parra’s story is an inspiration to all those struggling with mental health and abuse and gives a sense of hope beyond pain.”

—Vivian Knipp, Ph.D., Psychologist