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Silence Is Not An Option

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Argentina Parra's Story

Argentina Parra grew up in the Dominican Republic and moved to the United States in her early twenties. Shortly after moving to America, her dream took a wrong turn. Despite the fact that she walked through many years of physical, mental, and emotional abuse, she has continued to persevere and overcome each trial she has faced with strength. Silence Is Not an Option is the inspiring, emotional, and courageous memoir of how she managed to stand up for herself against anxiety, depression, and abusive relationships.


Today Argentina is a medical and legal interpreter and currently works in St. Louis with the Hispanic community. As an author based in St. Louis, she writes about domestic violence and abuse, custody of children, immigration and other difficult issues.


She is happy that she can be the bridge to help for people going through intense difficulties. Argentina is happy with where her life has brought her, and her desire is to help others discover how to find beauty in the ashes and to grow and blossom in the midst of pain.


Silence Is Not An Option

Silence Is Not An Option is the true story of Argentina Parra's decades-long fights for the safety and security of herself and her children through decades of domestic abuse, mental health obstacles, and legal threats.

Against relentless barriers, she struggles for stability while she immigrates to a new country, learns a new language, starts a business, and pursues her education while raising a family—despite the efforts of men who want to take it all away from her.


Silence Is Not An Option has been named a #1 New Release on Amazon in the Hispanic & Latino Biographies and the Dysfunctional Relationships categories. Check it out now to find out why Argentina Parra is an example of empowerment for women everywhere.


“This intelligently and sensitively written memoir gives hope to anyone who has endured unusual and traumatic circumstances to heal and grow.”


Professor of Counseling

Speaking Engagements

Argentina Parra is an inspirational speaker and St. Louis author who speaks about her personal experiences with immigration, domestic violence, and mental health issues to schools, work groups, and for various events. 


Argentina Parra is a medical and legal interpreter for St. Louis’s Hispanic/Latinx community. She grew up in the Dominican Republic and moved to the U.S. in her early twenties, where her dream quickly took a wrong turn. Surviving many years of physical, mental, and emotional abuse, she has translated her lessons of pain and perseverance into an inspiring, emotional, and courageous memoir: Silence Is Not an Option.


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